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We are a branch of ripening writers who enjoy literary genres of almost all sorts. We accept delicious submissions in the form of short stories (not more than 1200 words), poems, flash fiction, song lyrics, sketches and just about anything else created using the written word. We seek only to be impressed by your best efforts.

If you think your work can impress us, feel free to send it to us at: – please do carefully read our guidelines below, first!

PLEASE NOTE: We really wish to publish anyone who possesses talent.

Submission Guidelines:

1. All submissions must be the original work of the author, definitely. Offensive language as deemed by us will not be published.

2. In case you are sending multiple submissions, please send all the submissions in only one email. We reserve the right of choosing your best, and making slight changes if needed. For poems and song lyrics up to 5 can be submitted. Up to 2 short stories, flash fiction and sketches can be submitted at a time.

3. All submissions must be sent in the body of an email itself, not as (an) attachment(s). Your email subject line should each read “Submission - Your Name”.

4. Please check that your spelling, punctuation and grammar are correct before sending anything to us. (This is more than a sign of politeness to us and writing in general.)

5. With your submission, please do include a brief paragraph about yourself. You can surely include links/references to any blogs or projects you are involved in and wish to promote.

6. We are open to all forms and styles; however, we do not, and will not post anything filled with evil tendencies. Our ezine wishes to be as positive as possible.

8. Golden Apple Ezine was created for pure pleasure, not for profit. Thus, we can neither give nor ask for money. :)

9. If your piece has been published or featured elsewhere, please let us know – we can take the necessary steps to avoid copyright issues. Any piece of writing remains the writers property.

Online issues published:
Issue 1 - October 2010
Issue 2 - December 2010

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